SSC English Suggestion 2020 Fist and second Paper

SSC English Suggestion 2020. Bangladesh all School, Madrasa, Vocational Exam 2020. Short Suggestion for English 1st and 2nd paper Common Suggestion. Now Click Here Download Your English Suggestion. and Other Subject Important Suggestion Short and Brod. SSC Exam starts on 03 February 2020. Download Exam Routine.

SSC English Suggestion 2020

SSC English Suggestion 2019

শিক্ষার্থী বন্ধুরা তোমাদের জন্য আমরা একটি সাজেশন দিয়েছি যেটি পড়লে ইনসাল্লাহ 100% কমন আসবে পরীক্ষায় যারা ভাল ফলাফল করতে চাও, তাদের জন্য বলছি এই সাজেশনটি ভালভাবে আয়ত্ব করবে। আর যারা পাশ করতে চাও তারা শুধু লাল চিহ্ন সম্বলিত গুলো পড়বে। আরো অন্য বিষয়ের সাজেশন পেতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন।

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দক্ষিন কোরিয়া লটারিতে আবেদন করতে ক্লি করুন।

100% Common Paragraph For 1st and 2nd Paper

  1. Tree Plantation
  2. A School Library
  3. A street/road accident
  4. Load shedding
  5. A Book fair
  6. A winter Morning
  7. The life of a farmer
  8. A school Magazine
  9. Traffic jam

SSC English 1st & Second Paper Short Suggestion

Completion Story

  • Who is to bell the cat?
  • Unity is strength
  • Failure is the pillar of success
  • Honesty of woodcutter
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed
  • Two rats and monkeys
  • Bayazid devotion to his mother
  • The dress does not make a man great

SSC English Written Part Suggestion

Describing Graph and Chart:

  • The Number of mobile phone users
  • the choice of profession by differently educated people
  • Shows the literacy Rate
  • Population Growth Rate
  • The choice of profession
  • The Number of people living below the poverty line
  • Shows the importance and usage of English
  • Different people spending time on various activities

Important Informal letter

  1. Condolence of father/mother death
  2. How to improve in English
  3. Annual Prize Giving Ceremony
  4. Thanking a friend for his hospitality
  5. Describing the co-curriculum activities
  6. Thanking for a birthday present
  7. Visiting a place of historical interest
  8. What you intend to do after the SSC Exam

Most Important E-mail

  • Preparation of coming exam
  • Describe your country
  • Condolence of his father death
  • Thanking a friend for hospitality
  • Inviting a friend to join the birthday party/thanking for the gift
  • The annual prize-giving ceremony
  • Inviting him to attend the wedding ceremony

Most Important Dialogue:

  1. The necessity of tree plantation
  2. importance of physical exercise
  3. Use and abuse of mobile phone
  4. The importance of reading newspaper
  5. About the benefit of early rising
  6. How to Eradicate the literacy problem from Bangladesh
  7. About road accident that you have experience

A CV with cover letter

  • Post of a computer operator
  • post of a probationary officer in a bank
  • post of a marketing manager
  • post of it officer
  • post of a teacher/an English teacher
  • post of a Liberian
  • post of a medical representative

Formal letter/Application

  1. Permission to go on the study tour
  2. praying for common room
  3. praying for library facilities
  4. for opening a deviation club
  5. praying for sinking tube well
  6. setting up a computer club
  7. seat in the school hostel
  8. praying for relief for flood-affected people


  1. The wonder of modern science
  2. journey by bus/tarn/boat
  3. your aim in life/future plan of life
  4. student life/duty of a student
  5. importance of reading newspaper
  6. the season you like most
  7. childhood memories

Bangladesh All Education Board JSC. SSC. HSC All Subject Very Very Important Suggestion Published For Exam 2020. Now Click  Here Download Your Choice Subject. Dear student read attentively and follow the suggestion given on this site. And please never wait for any type of SSC question out of 2020. It’s not perfect for good students. If you follow the above SSC exam Suggestions, I hope it will be common in your SSC Exam 2020. Exam Question out is always risky. To examine students, say no to SSC Board Question out 2020.

SSC Suggestion 2020

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