South Korea DV Lottery Circular 2020 EPS Topik Registration

South Korea Lottery Registration 2020. Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) is only the “State owned” Manpower exporting Company in Bangladesh. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh established Bangladesh Overseas Employment and services Limited (BOESL) in 1984 to earn more foreign exchange by way of exporting skilled and unskilled manpower. BOESL’s main objective is to provide Right person for Right job” to valued foreign Employer.

South Korea Lottery Registration 2020

Every year this year and South Korea release the lottery notice, South Korea emcee. Bangladesh issued its recruitment notice for eight thousand personnel in 2019. Korea said more notice will be released this year than its staff recruitment notice. For Korea Registration Please type in your browser or Please See left side menu EPS TOPIK Registration

EPS TOPIK Registration

Recruitment activities are done through a number of conditions. Before applying the terms, you must read the terms thoroughly, and then apply.Korea authorities have simultaneously published the recruitment notification from 8 countries of the world including Bangladesh. However, the task of recruiting manpower from every country was done step by step.

When South Korea Lottery Circular 2020 Published?

South Korea Lottery Circular Published on February Lest Week 2020

or March Fist Week So See My Update Post

South Korea Lottery Application Conditions:

  • Passport in one number
  • Scope copy of passport is 1
  • Passport Scan copy Size: (45-60KB)
  • Age limit: 18-39
  • Candidate National ID Number
  • Candidate Mobile Number
  • Application Start on 11 March 2019
  • Application End on 12 March 2019
  • Total Post 8400
  • Official Website:

Korea Lottery Application Process In Bangladesh

দক্ষিন কোরিয়া এবং বাংলাদেশের যৌথ প্রক্রিয়ার মাধ্যমে প্রতি বছর লোকবল নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশ করা হয়। প্রতি বছরের মতো চলতি বছরেও লটারী নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি প্রকাশ করা হয়। আবেদন করার পূর্বে অবশ্যই আবেদন নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তিটি ভালোভাবে পড়ুন। অন্যথ্যায় আবেদনে কোন প্রকার ভুলত্রুটি হলে আবেদন গ্রনহযোগ্য হবে না। একবার আবেদন করে ফেললে আর আবেদন করতে পারবেন না। আবেদনে কোনপ্রকার ভুলত্রুটি হলে তা আর সংশোধনের ব্যবস্থা নেই।আবেদন সহ যেকোনো সমস্যা হলে আমাদের ফেইজ বুক পেইজে লাইক দিয়ে আমাদের এস এম এস করুন। আমাদের ফেইজবুক পেইজ:  Facebook Page

Korea Lottery Circular 2020 Download JPG

Negotiations for Korea Lottery Application

A skilled man in Korea who is 18 years old from the age of 39

A person who has not been imprisoned by the state order

Sometimes a person who has not traveled through the lottery in Korea

A person who has not been returned illegally from Korea before.

Korea has not had more than five years ago through the lottery.

Final Registration schedule (Timetable) and Lottery date time will announce on BOESL notice board. for more information Visit Website

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