South Korea Lottery Circular 2019 With Appication

South Korea Lottery Circular 2019. The South Korean Lottery Recruitment Notice will be published in the last week of February, according to the Korean Bangladesh Boisel Dzeppperi. Just like last year and the application process will be checked. Only those who have passport can apply. Those who do not have the passport, they will not be able to apply, Boiseel Office said. But the application can not be made without the passport. If you want to apply, first pass the correct way. for more information visit website:

South Korea Lottery Circular 2019

South Korea Lottery Circular 2019

South Korea by importing manpower from almost ten countries around the world, one of them is our Bangladesh. To apply for South Korea Lottery click on the link below. And then apply. Please read the application’s rules on request.

South Korea Lottery Application Process

In the application form, only the passport number, the name address according to the passport.


Take a closer look at Korea Lottery Rules. Because the application is defective, it will not be acceptable. And for that you have to go back a year, because there is no scope for application formation. So please check it well before applying.

Korea Lottery Application Conditions:

  • Passport in one number
  • Scope copy of passport is 1
  • Passport Scan copy Size:  (45-60KB)
  • Age limit: 18-39
  • Application Start on 11 March 2019
  • Application End on 12 March 2019
  • Total Post 8400
  • Official Website:

Download Korea Job Circular 2019

Qualification and Negotiations for Korea Lottery Application

  1.  A skilled man in Korea who is 18 years old from the age of 39
  2.  A person who has not been imprisoned by the state order
  3.  Sometimes a person who has not traveled through the lottery in Korea
  4.  A person who has not been returned illegally from Korea before.
  5.  Korea has not had more than five years ago through the lottery.

If you do not accept any of the above reasons, you will not be able to apply. Said Korea Boiseel Office.

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